Couples Therapy

Helping you to transform negative interactions with your partner into responsive and caring emotional exchanges.

Sometimes you get stuck in the relationship with your partner. This happens to distressed couples. Distressed couples go through very similar cycles of negative interactions in their relationships. And experiencing distress in your relationship affects your health and well-being, as study after study has shown. Security and safety in relationships helps bring meaning and reduce stress in life in general. Being in a relationship where partners are responsive to each other’s needs allows both to feel safe and secure.

Some couples may want to break such negative cycles and reduce their feelings of disconnection. Other couples may want to enhance feeling of connection to improve their feelings of intimacy or improve their sexual connection. I can help both with reducing feelings of disconnection and enhance feelings of connection and intimacy. Through couples’ therapy, I hope to help you understand which emotional signals can be sent to enhance your feelings of safety and connection with each other.

Process overview

During couples therapy I will aim to offer a safe and supportive environment to both of you.  The therapy’s goal is to help you gain a clearer understanding on what is blocking you to experience a more satisfying relationship. We will together identify which recurrent patterns of interaction may threaten the intimacy and relationship satisfaction between you two. At this stage we will identify your positions during this dynamic. Later we will focus together on repairing and/or enhancing the bond between you. My ultimate goal is to help you feel closer, and for you to experience greater mutual responsiveness. Finally, we will together aim to achieve a greater sense of satisfaction and security in your relationship.

How to get started?

Couples Therapy is a collaborative work and it is crucial that both client and therapist have a clear feeling to be aligned towards the same goals. Before booking a first session with me, I would like to have more information about you and and your partner and about what you both expect from the therapy. For this reason, if you are interested in starting a therapy with me, please contact me via email or contact form. I I will review your information and answer you within one week to book a phone call. The first phone call (free of charge) will consist of a 15-minute conversation where we can both ask some clarifications.

The client-therapist relationship is highly personal, it is possible that the intake reveals that I am not the best therapist to help you. In that case, I will do my best to refer you to a better suited therapist.

Couples Therapy Sessions

Couples Therapy sessions last 75 minutes (in-person) or 60 minutes (online) and are usually scheduled once a week. Once you become a client, you will be able to directly reserve dates and times for your appointments using an online scheduling platform. Sessions can be cancelled or changed using the same scheduling platform (no costs apply to sessions canceled with 48 hours or more in advance). For more information regarding the costs, please see Fees.

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