Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples


Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an evidence-based approach focused on  repairing relationships via relatively brief interventions. EFT has been developed based on scientific studies on adult attachment, and continues to be updated via psychological science. There is now a robust body of research supporting the effectiveness of EFT. 


Central to EFT is the idea that social connection is a biological need and is based on the idea that without  some sort of safe relationship, we suffer. A considerable literature now shows that if we are less socially connected, we die earlier, we are less happy, and we are unhealthier. To be able to make my clients thrive, my goal is to help couples increase their sense of connection by helping them become more accessible, engaged, and responsive to each other’s needs. Experiencing this secure base with your partner allows you to not only to be more satisfied with your relationship but it also allows you to buffer against many of the stressors life presents. For example, a wife having a hard time to adjust to a new work environment after moving to another country may find more emotional balance when her husband is available to listen to her when being tuned to be genuinely interested in her experiences.  Both partners will feel the reassurance they need. She feels her husband is there for her when she needs. The husband feels that she is grateful for him being there for here, and feels safe to realize again how much she trusts and relies on him. But sometimes emotions you experience prevent you to be responsive to each other.  As life has many challenges, via EFT you will be better able to understand what prevents you from being responsive, you will better be able to bond with one another, and thus better confront difficult challenges in life. 


As we explore your emotions that are central to recurrent negative patterns of interactions which you may be caught into, via EFT I can help you transform the emotional signals you send to each other, thereby renewing your experience of closeness and responsiveness.


Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals (EFIT) is a structured approach based on the same line of scientific studies on adult attachment that gave rise to EFT for couples. The goal of EFIT is to bring new ways of engaging with your personal experiences, with other people, and with life dilemmas you may be confronted with. 


Beyond the evidence that social connection is crucial for life and longevity, psychological science has also shown the importance of a secure connection  for mental health issues. The lack of secure connection was found to be associated with mental health problems,including, but not limited to, depression and anxiety. The science of attachment has revealed that secure connection help in being more emotionally balanced, being open to new experiences, and to being more flexible to explore, learn, and grow. EFIT relies on evidence-based psychology and I use these insights to help you focus on expanding emotional experiences, to become more emotionally stable, and to become more flexible and open for new experiences. 


EFIT is   a type of therapy that helps me explore with you situations where you get stuck and can’t move forward. These situations  can cause you pain, stress, and even pull people away from you. EFIT will also help me understand how some of your past experiences have shaped you and how they may have shaped the strategies that you use to deal with challenges in your life. Via EFIT, we will focus on recurrent negative patterns. We will go through a deeper exploration of your emotions and try to find ways that can help you cope better with life’s challenges.