Online Externship Maceió (Brazil)


Emotionally Focused Therapy Training


Daniela Rocha IJzerman

The Online Externship Maceio (Brazil) was a 6-day introductory training on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). During these 6 days, participants learned about EFT, the evidenced-based model for working with couples developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. The program was conducted by the inspiring Italian trainer Giulia Altera. I had the pleasure to work as a helper together with three other Brazilian therapists. During the externship, participants learned not only through lectures, but also via role-playing in small and big groups, therapy videos, and with a live session. The Externship gives therapists the base to continue learning EFT. After all, in order to become an EFT therapist additional training and supervision is required.

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