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Daniela Rocha IJzerman

This month I became a member of the EFT France, a non-profit organization that promotes Emotionally Focused Therapy in France and in other francophone countries. There are already several EFT communities around the world and EFT France continues this work. On EFT France’s website, therapists can find information about EFT training happening in France. For the general public, they provide a list of therapists (certified or in-training) working in France relying on the EFT model. The president and founder of this association is Anne Belgram-Perkins, an EFT certified trainer, supervisor, and therapist. Anne is committed in supporting therapists in France and in making the EFT model accessible to the francophone public. 

Creating connections is in the core of the EFT work. During sessions, therapists help couples to connect to each other. Outside of their practices, therapists working with the EFT model  (or interested in it) are encouraged to get involved with a community of therapists. Within these EFT communities, colleagues support each other with their work through supervision, webinars, study groups and training. 

If you are a therapist interested in knowing more about training or if you are looking for a therapist in the region where you live, you can get in touch with the EFT community in your region get more information


  • Anne Belgram-Perkins

    19 February 2021 , 17 h 17 min

    Welcome to EFT France Daniela! We are so glad that you are a part of our community!

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